Creating a personalised Metaverse for hosting strategic games and sports betting. 

Creating a virtual platform that seamlessly blends technology and design is no small feat. It’s akin to building a new world from scratch, where every element must not just function but also harmonize with one another.

And yet, we dared to take on this challenge, armed with the latest technologies and an unwavering commitment to inspiration. The result is a virtual ecosystem that defies the impossible, where the boundaries between technology and design fade away, leaving nothing but a harmonious and intuitive experience.

Presented for your consideration is an in-depth examination of the design and implementation of a virtual platform for hosting strategic games and sports betting. 

Business impact:

  1. Developed cutting-edge, autonomous technology resulting in the creation of a virtual platform with 40,000 users.
  1. Implemented blockchain and token economics leading to a 46% increase in revenue through in-game currency.
  1. Enhanced the platform by integrating various games and features, making it an accessible virtual world generating worldwide interest.
  1. Created and implemented a fully-personalized Metaverse, valued at $1 million.

Challenges faced

Creating an entirely new and personalised Metaverse is by no means an easy task, it requires state-of-the-art technology and such delicate sophistication that it can almost be deemed an impossible task.

However, we were able to not only create a Metaverse platform but also make it interactive and self-sufficient.

Challenges faced during the creation

  1. Scalability:

The ability to support a vast user base and manage the associated data and computational demands is a critical aspect of metaverse platforms, and ensuring that the platform can handle large numbers of users is not easy.

  1. Interoperability: 

The seamless communication and interaction between different metaverse platforms are essential for a cohesive metaverse experience, the facilitation of which requires comprehensive and sophisticated technology.

  1. Security: 

The protection of user data and ensuring the overall security of the metaverse are of paramount importance, ensuring there are no security leaks is a very difficult task.

  1. Network Latency;

Low latency is crucial in providing a smooth and uninterrupted experience. Achieving such a level of performance is a significant challenge which requires state-of-the-art technology.

Our solution

Although creating such technology on such a large scale is very difficult, we rose up to the challenge and surpassed our own expectations by creating something extraordinary.

By interloping our existing technology with oracle, we managed to use smart-  contracts to execute commands based on inputs and outputs from the real world that any user may provide.

With this, we were successful in creating a perfectly tangible virtual world that gained 40,000 users with a total valuation of $1 million.

Technology used

This technology is an innovative solution crafted on the Terra blockchain, which utilizes the powerful combination of Terra SDK and Feathers.js Javascript SDK to bring a seamless experience to users. We utilized React Native to develop a robust and cross-platform mobile app that leverages the benefits of a decentralized database. 

Our platform ensures verified sports information through the use of blockchain oracles and employs Rust language to author smart contracts that facilitate the creation of game pools and efficient prize distribution upon the conclusion of matches.

With a pioneering blend of cutting-edge technologies, we were able to push the boundaries of what was thought possible and create a product that not only met but exceeded its intended functions, unlocking an unprecedented level of processing power.

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